Effective carrier emissions management

Tracks enables effective CO2 emissions management to increase transparency and sustainability. A win-win for you and your road freight carriers.


Automated carrier emissions reporting

Receive standardized primary data and customizable reports on CO2 emissions of your carriers in an automated way.

Use the carrier emissions data for CO2/GHG emissions, sustainability and CSR reporting.

Transparent overview of the performance of your carriers

Oversee top-level information on your road transport related emissions performance.

Evaluate the environmental performance of your carriers based on independent efficiency measures.


Advanced environmental performance analysis of single carriers

Access accurate CO2 emissions and environmental performance evaluations of a single carrier.

Spot optimization potentials to communicate to and work on in cooperation with your carrier.


Platform tailored to your needs

We set up the platform in a modular way according to your requirements and existing processes

Towards sustainable road freight

Using primary data allows deeper insights and better decision making to improve your environmental performance in road transport

Simple and beneficial for your carriers

Tracks for Carriers is easy to integrate without additional hardware and helps your carriers to save fuel

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