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Jakob Muus interview on The Cast - Episode #25


Jakob Muus interview on The Cast - Episode #25
If you've been waiting all summer for a deep dive interview with Tracks founder and CEO Jakob Muus, your wait is over.

It's a new episode of TheCast! Number 25 in fact, a nice round number. Hosts of TheCast, Ivo and Luca, are two friends with a thirst for understanding innovative business models and the journey of the entrepreneur behind those businesses. Ivo and Luca heard about Tracks' decarbonisation platform and after doing some research got in touch with Jakob, and invited him to be their latest guest on their podcast. The interview is almost an hour, and goes deep on Tracks' founding, history, pivot and of course future plans. The two hosts of TheCast take their job very seriously and prepare very well for their talks with with Founders. This episode is no different. They came extremely well prepared; Jakob called it one of the most fun and interesting interviews he's done to date! Check it out on Spotify or via you'll be glad you did! The interviews are conducted in German or English (this one's in German btw!).