Making trucking safer, cleaner, more efficient, and fair.

Who We Are

We're committed to nurturing a culture of performance, empowerment, ownership, and collectivity.

Where We Come From

Our co-founders have numerous years of experience in mobility and technology - we know the industry in and out!

Where We Are Going

We will help make platooning easier and more financially rewarding which will positively impact the environment, safety,  driver experience, and fleet management.


real-time matchmaking

Drivers will start their trips and then find other trucks in order to create platoons - without needing to follow cumbersome or inflexible pre-determined schedules.

credible fuel benchmarking

We will measure fuel consumption while trucks are driving. We can determine the actual, real-world fuel savings from platooning.

financial transactions

Using our fuel benchmarking, we facilitate balancing measured fuel savings equally among the platoon participants once the platoon has ended. There is no need to drive for the best position in the platoon.

How Platooning WORKS

it occurs when...

2 or more trucks are connected by Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technologies and are drafting closely behind each other to reduce wind resistance and create a slipstream.

the slipstream effect

It is created when wind resistance is reduced. It allows the vehicles' to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

why V2V?

The close V2V-connection increases safety and reduces the amount of space the truck claims on the road way.

BENEFITS of platooning

for Truck Drivers

Driver exhaustion can contribute to accidents while driving. In time, platooning will let drivers of trailing trucks focus on other work while en route.

for Road Freight Carriers

Fuel consumption is a great concern for road freight carriers. Fuel accounts for a significant portion of carrier expense. Managing fuel consumption is key.

for Other Drivers on the Road

Platooning lets trucks drive much closer together, safely, at high speed. The reduced distance between them increases the space available for others.

for The Environment

The road freight sector emits carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and other noxious gases. These emissions contribute to global climate change.


innogy ventures

We have been provided pre-seed investment funding.


We are members of the Climate-KIC accelerator program.

our TEAM

Jakob Muus

Founder, CEO

Igor Nikolaev

Founder, CTO